Daring New Bamboo Socks


Incredible Socks

Designed in Cape Town, made in South Africa, the finest bamboo and cotton.
Dressing Men

Colour is an integral part of style. Nic Harry has been built on the foundation of colour and dressing men from the ground up. We like to create bold, vibrant and stand-out socks and men’s accessories. Yes, you can wear black socks, but why choose to when there are so many bold alternative? Be bold. Choose colour.

Bamboo Socks

The fibers we use are pivotal to the comfort and experience you’ll have when you wear a pair of Nic Harry socks. Our most well-known sock is made from bamboo fiber. Bamboo is environmentally friendly and sustainably grown. It’s good for your feet, wicks away moisture and is extremely soft to ensure a comfortable wear. 

Quality Assurance

We want you to love our socks as much as we do. If you have any defects in your socks within 7 days of purchase, contact us immediately and we’ll send you a replacement pair. If you have any queries at any point in the wearing of our socks, please contact us and we’ll do all we can to ensure a great Nic Harry experience. 

Maps Maponyane

“Finally! A local South African accessories brand that has all the essential items that any distinguishing gentleman would appreciate. For many years I’ve searched high and low for everything from different coloured formal shoe laces, tie clips/bars, socks etc. and now finally I can get them all from one place, delivered to me. The selection, the quality, the detail, the convenience and what it adds to my appearance is why I love wearing Nic Harry Style,”

Herschelle Gibbs

“Going with the Nic Harry brand is an easy choice. They’ve got creativity, skill, quality and style all in one shot…their socks lead the trend when it’s comes to the sockgame – an accessory that’s become so popular worldwide! Their accessory range has also increased and well worth a look!! Nic Harry style for me anyday.”

Dion Chang

“I love the unapologetically bright colours and vivid patterns, and especially love feel of the bamboo fibre: they are truly the most comfortable socks I have ever worn.”

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