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Men’s Summer Business Style


With summer rolling on, looking good (while keeping cool) is always a priority. Unfortunately, attending business meetings in swimwear is not a reality for most men; however the thought of wearing a suit in the heat may seem like an unfeasible option. There are simple style alternatives that men can adopt in the warmer months, […]

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Style profile: Idris Elba


Idris Elba has been a household name for a while now, especially for anyone who loved the addictive ‘The Wire’ series. With his commanding voice, powerful and confident self-assurance and DJ and acting chops, Idris is a force to be reckoned with. Topping numerous ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ charts and named one of GQ’s 50 best […]

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Washing Guidelines: How To Care For Your Clothes


Looking after one’s clothing is as important as the pieces you choose to buy. By adhering to the treatments that fabrics require, clothing’s durability will last, and require no additional maintenance or repairs. It will also ensure that the items remain the same colour, shape and size as they were when originally bought. With regards […]

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Style profile: David Gandy


Male models don’t generally become household names. Their careers often reach a point where they no longer meet the criteria for runaways; therefore turning to acting, modelling for small-time brands or fading into obscurity. David Gandy is the exception to this male model trend. His rugged looks and on point style have helped him stay […]

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6 grooming tips for men


There is often a fine line between male grooming and what is considered masculine, usually dictated by society. Many of the grooming procedures that used to be deemed ‘feminine’ have become relevant and necessary for men, a refreshing attitude from the traditional scepticism and labels that men received before. Men should feel like it’s alright […]

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Swimwear for men


With warm weather fast approaching, days spent at the beach or lounging by the pool are just around the corner. Today, men have a lot more variety when it comes to choosing swimming shorts than ever before. While shorts are the swimsuit staple recommended for men (this article is not for men interested in wearing […]

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