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Fun Socks Are Fantastic


It’s strange to think that there are men out in the world who are fearful of wearing a little bit of colour because their bosses won’t like the look. How is it possible that fun socks are seen to be dangerous in the workplace? That’s absolute insanity. It’s just a colour and a bit of […]

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10 Quick Tips About Men’s Style


Sometimes it’s impossible to know what to do with certain parts of your wardrobe, certain understood rules and/or regulations that no one told you about. So we’ve put together a quick-fire list of 10 tips about men’s style that you should know. 10. When to tuck your shirt in This one is easy: If the bottom […]

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Nic Harry Price Update


Today we are updating the price of some of our products here at Nic Harry. We take pride in the quality of the items we produce, many of them by hand. We take pride in our customer service, our packaging and the attention that we give to all the details that collectively make up our identity. We’re also […]

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Polka Dot Pocket Squares


In the name of all things colourful we’ve taken the leap and gone crazy with our latest range of pocket squares. The Polka Dot Pocket Square range is bright, colourful and will definitely help you stand out in a crowded workplace filled with black and grey suits.   The pocket squares are all hand made […]

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Pinstripe Denim Tie


At Nic Harry we strive for style, for bold colour and for a distinct aesthetic that our loyal aficionados can really understand. We’ve just launched a new tie that represents all of these things in a single item. The Grey Pinstripe Denim Tie has a subtle flair and a bold red accent on the reverse […]

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What Is Fast Fashion And Why Should You Care?


Fast Fashion is probably not a term that you’ve heard before but without knowing it, you are intricately a part of the movement. Let’s start with the retailers that are considered to be at the front of the fast fashion revolution and you’ll start to see what fast fashion looks like: Zara, H&M and Topshop […]

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What The Hell Is A Lapel Pin?


At Nic Harry we have a wide range of pretty interesting (and even some hand made) lapel pins. They look fantastic on a jacket, on a collar shirt or even, if you’ve got it you, on a plain old t-shirt. But the question I get asked more often than not is “What the hell is […]

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How To Find The Perfect Suit Fit Every Time


It’s not easy to just magically understand how a suit should fit. No one tells a guy these things. It’s not part of a school curriculum and very rarely is the lesson passed down from generation to generation. At Nic Harry we’ve made it our goal to become intimately involved with fit and style. We […]

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Holiday Style Information


If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to place an order and receive it before Christmas, let us help you out. Orders placed on or before December 18th will be shipped by December 19th. These are the last orders that we can safely assume will arrive before Christmas. We will be shipping out orders all […]

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