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Bold Socks Lead to a Bold Life


I’ve known it for a while now and at Nic Harry we’ve been telling people about this at every opportunity but it finally seems like the world is catching on. Elite Daily has written a fairly lengthy article about the rebellious and successful value of bold socks. We couldn’t agree more. There are some not-so-great […]

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466/64 Socks & Nic Harry


After many months in design and production I am excited to announce an exclusive partnership with 466/64! Nic Harry and the 466/64 brand have come together to launch an initial range of three incredible bamboo socks available on the 466/64 Socks page on and in Stuttafords nation wide. The socks were designed in collaboration […]

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Father’s Day Gifts


Every year the day comes around and every year sons, daughters, moms and dads are left wondering what to buy for their fathers on Father’s Day. This year is no different with a single exception; we know exactly what you should be buying for all of your fathers. Yes, even you young Skywalker. Let us […]

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Nic Harry partners with Uber


Heading to an early­morning breakfast meeting? Or a stop at your favourite coffee shop before going to the office? We’ll make sure that you arrive in style with Uber on Tuesday April 28th. Nic Harry has partnered with Uber, the most stylish and reliable way to travel! On Tuesday, 28 April, request an UberBlack in Cape Town, […]

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Matric Dance Socks and Accessories


I remember being 18 and in my final year of high school. The main event for the year is the Matric Dance for your school. You spend months preparing. Finding the perfect partner to attend with you. Trying to find the most stylish suit (that your parents will allow you to rent/buy) and then trying […]

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Origami Lapel Pins


Lapel pins are fantastic little bursts of style and colour. They can be used to effectively enhance an outfit but matching colours to a pocket square, tie, shirt, pair of socks or anything else that you’re wearing. We take lapel pins seriously here at Nic Harry and are constantly looking for new ways to push […]

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