April 15, 2015

Origami Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are fantastic little bursts of style and colour. They can be used to effectively enhance an outfit but matching colours to a pocket square, tie, shirt, pair of socks or anything else that you’re wearing.

We take lapel pins seriously here at Nic Harry and are constantly looking for new ways to push the norm into something new.

Our latest accessory launch shows a more artistic and creative take on the traditional lapel pin.

Origami Lapel Pins

For a while I’ve been following a fantastic Instagram account from a guy who calls himself White_Onrice. I liked what was happening on that account so much that I made contact with the hands in the account. His name, it turns out, is Ross and not White_Onrice. Ross also does incredible things with some fantastic brands, you should take a look.

I suggested that Ross collaborate with Nic Harry to create a new kind of accessory.

What we launched was something unique. I like to call it art that you wear.

The range includes four lapel pin designs that ross hand folded. There are only ten items per design available so the numbers are limited which adds to the unique aspect of each pin.








Bulls-Head-Origami-Lapel-Pin2 Aviator-Origami-Lapel-Pin2







You can purchase these incredible, hand-folded men’s lapel pins from our store right now.

Behind The Scenes

I asked Ross if he would film the folding of the lapel pins and he kindly agreed.

Here are a couple of videos of the folding:

And a few photographs taken by Nikki Albertyn.

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